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Reynolds Certified Pre-Owned Inventory

Proudly Serving Drivers from Oklahoma City, Yukon, and Mustang

Reynolds Certified Pre-Owned vehicles go through a gauntlet of quality-assurance and performance inspections that allow only the very best pre-owned vehicles to be sold at Reynolds Ford of OKC Inc.  In order to gain the title of a Reynolds Certified pre-owned vehicle and be taken home by drivers from Mustang or Yukon; a full vehicle history report, road test, and diagnostic inspection must be passed with flying colors.  Only vehicles in the best condition and for the most reasonable prices can be allowed to be called Reynolds Certified pre-owned.

Reynolds Exhaustive Inspection Allows Only the Best Vehicles to Become Reynolds Certified

Every pre-owned vehicle we receive is inspected from over 170 different points and pushed to its driving limits by our factory trained and certified experts during their road test.  Every aspect of the vehicles performance is analyzed and considered from multiple angles to make sure that your vehicle is perfect by our standards whether idling or in full flight through Oklahoma City.  Our factory trained technicians will inspect and maintain fluid levels, belts, and hoses; replacing any worn parts with OEM certified parts that will perform in all conditions.  A full inspection of your vehicle and its engine must be passed with flying colors in order to become Reynolds Certified for quality.

In order to become Reynolds Certified the vehicle's history report must be completely transparent and all-inclusive; if a vehicle's history is inaccurate or incomplete it will not be granted the status of Reynolds Certified. A full vehicle history report and VIN inspection must always be completed and available for review by drivers from Yukon and Mustang to be considered a Reynolds Certified pre-owned vehicle.   Any vehicle can be manufactured and sold, it takes much more care and cautious use to become a Reynolds Certified pre-owned vehicle.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of the Reynolds Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty

When you purchase your Reynolds Certified Pre-Owned vehicle in Oklahoma City, you drive home in a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected for its quality, with the added security of Reynolds' Certified vehicle warranty backing up their belief in the quality of their vehicles.  Every Reynolds Certified pre-owned vehicle is backed up by a remarkable three-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty covering the engine, transmission, transfer case, and drive axel of your vehicle and all its components' included parts.  Should internal parts or components of your vehicle malfunction and require repairs, the service and replacement of these parts will be covered under Reynolds' Certified vehicle warranty.  Your warranty also covers 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as locksmith services should you ever lock your keys in your car and need help opening your vehicle.

Find Pre-Owned Vehicles at Impressive Prices Thanks to Reynolds' Certified Pre-Owned Program

The Reynolds Certified pre-owned vehicles for sale at Reynolds Ford of OKC Inc. give drivers from Mustang and Yukon the opportunity to get behind the vehicle of an exciting new-to-you vehicle for a remarkable price that you couldn't get from buying a new vehicle.  Side-stepping the costs associated with buying a new vehicle, and avoiding the risks of buying pre-owned with our rigorous inspection process and warranty-covered maintenance; Reynolds Certified vehicles offer drivers the best of both worlds for total cost and vehicle quality.

We hope you'll visit Reynolds Ford of OKC Inc. to learn all about the Reynolds Certified inspection process and view our Reynolds Certified pre-owned inventory.  Our team looks forward to answering all of your questions and helping you test drive a Reynolds Certified model.  We look forward to seeing you at Reynolds Ford of OKC Inc.

A Reynolds Certified vehicle also provides you Peace of Mind knowing that our Factory Trained Technicians have inspected the following features.....

 Vehicle History 
  •  Vin Inspection
  •  Automatic Transaxle / Transmission Fluid
  •  Service Recalls
  •  Transfer Case Fluid
 Road Test
  •  Drive Axle Fluid
  •  Engine Starts and Idles Properly
  •  Power Steering Fluid
  •  Engine Accelerates and Cruises Properly
  •  Washer Fluid
  •  Auto / Manual Transmission Transaxle Operational
  •  Drive Axle / Transfer Case Operational
  •  Fluid Leaks
  •  Clutch Operates Properly
  •  Hoses, Lines, Fittings
  •  Steers Normally
  •  Belts
 Vehicle Diagnostics
  •  Water, Sludge, or Engine Coolant
  •  Module System Test
  •  Timing Belt
  •  Perform Self-Test for all CMDTCs
  •  Oil Pressure
  •  Transmission
  •  Engine Oil / Filter Change and Chassis Lube
  •  Transaxle
  •  Coolant
  •  Differential and Transfer Case
  •  Brake Fluid
  •  Automatic Transmission / Transaxle
  •  Manual Transmission / Transaxle
  •  Differential and Transfer Case
  •  4x4 Hub Operational

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