Buy vs Lease

Learn the Benefits of Buying and Leasing Your Ford Vehicle at Reynolds Ford of OKC Inc.

Finding the perfect new Ford model for your driving lifestyle is a great feeling, but it's just the first step on the road to driving your chosen ride home; next, of course, it to decide whether you'd prefer to buy or lease your vehicle. If you're not sure which choice is right for you, we've got you covered! On this page, you'll find details about the different benefits of buying and leasing, so take a look below and gain the automotive understanding and confidence you deserve.

The Benefits of Leasing Your Ford Model

Drivers that love to have the latest models in their control, sporting all the most modern styling and packed with all the most cutting-edge features, will most likely want to take a closer look at a lease. As leases only last a few years, you'll be free to move on from your previous lease and vehicle to a new one once your term is up, ensuring you always have something shiny and new in your driveway. As long as you can stay within the pre-determined mileage limits and are capable of maintaining it on your own, a leased vehicle has some very noteworthy advantages.

  • You only pay what the vehicle is estimated to be worth at the end of the lease, meaning you only pay a portion of the vehicle's full price.
  • Leased vehicles are under warranty for repairs.
  • You have a few choices for what to do when your lease is over. These are:
    • Purchase your vehicle for the remaining price.
    • Extend your current lease for a determined period of time.
    • Return the leased vehicle after it is inspected with no further obligations.
    • Start a new lease on a new vehicle.

The Benefits of Buying Your Ford Model

There are, of course, many benefits to purchasing your vehicle! If you prefer to drive the same vehicle or many years and you're also capable of repairing and maintaining it on your own, then a purchased vehicle will surely provide you with years and years of driving satisfaction.

  • No restriction on mileage.
  • Customize and alter your vehicle as much as you please, as long as it's road-legal.
  • You don't ever need to return it.
  • You can sell your vehicle to whomever you want, whenever you want.

There's still more to learn about leasing and purchasing your vehicle, so come visit our finance center and talk with our professionals to get all the details. We hope you come visit us in the near future and gain the automotive confidence you deserve.

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