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  • Tom Peters, Dealer Principal
    (405) 728-2411

    I was born and raised in Foss, OK. I moved to Oklahoma City to attend college at Southern Nazarene University. 

    I've been in automotive sales since the 1970's. I'm been exposed to all aspects of the dealership world. My heart has always been in pre-owned sales. 

    I know how stressful buying a vehicle can be and as a result, I pride myself in putting customers at ease during the sales process. 

    I love my family. I really like my Church and the friends I've had for many years. I enjoy messing around with old cars and restoring them. 

    In my spare time I enjoy being with my wife... just hanging out, or working on an old car and even riding my Harley on a nice day.

  • CW Evans, General Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Wichita, KS and moved to Oklahoma in 1983 where I entered the retail automotive sales business.

    I've been exposed to all aspects of the business from sales to service and continue to learn new things.  I pride myself on understanding the business from the customer's point of view, which helps them get what they want and need.  I thrive on competition and love to try to outsell everyone.

    When I'm not at work, I like to spend time with my family and play a round of golf.  

  • Ken Hines, Fixed Operations Director
    (405) 728-2411

    I grew up in the Oklahoma City area and moved to Norman when I married my wife, Cathy. I started as a technician over 35 years ago and have progressed to a Master Technician and now a Master Certified Service Manager working with all 4 Reynolds dealerships. 

    I enjoy working with the great team of Service Advisors and Technicians that we have in our organization as we try to take care of all of our customer's needs. As fast as cars are evolving, it is a fun challenge to keep up with all of the technology and advances. 

    I spend much of my personal time either with my family and grand kids or playing golf, working out or traveling.

  • Jeff Hamstead, Service Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I was raised in Rush Springs, OK and moved for better employment opportunities to the Oklahoma City Metro Area. 

    I started in the car business in the early 1990's washing cars, then driving a parts truck, changing oil and through hard work, worked my way up to Service Manager. I enjoyed all my positions and learned a lot. 

    I pride myself at giving our customers solution to their vehicle service problems. I am passionate about providing customers top notch service they won't find anywhere else. 

    In my spare time, I enjoy playing a round of golf, followed by a nap watching golf and finally dinner talking about the putt I missed. Unfortunately, my wife always has different plans for my "spare time".

  • Bryan Hoover, Service Advisor
    (405) 728-2411

    My hometown is Oklahoma City where I was born and raised.  My family and I were attracted to "rural living" and as a result, we now reside in Piedmont where we enjoy the good ole country living atmosphere!

    Even though I joined Reynolds Ford of OKC in the late spring of 2015, I've been in the automotive service business since 1993.  I enjoy cars and have a deep passion for helping customers.  It's satisfying to be able to help meet our customer's needs in a way that fits their budget.

    When I'm not at work, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible and also work in a little competitive shooting sports.  I'm an active member of the USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association.

  • Jay Cornell, Service Advisor
    (405) 728-2411

    I actually grew up in Oklahoma City and Houston. I've now been in the OKC area most of adult life and have no plans on moving. 

    I have been in the automotive service business since 1996. I'm Senior Master Certified and enjoy assisting people with their vehicle repair service needs. 

    I enjoy watching sports in my past time. The OKC Thunder are at the top of my list!!! Besides sports, I like to just sit down and relax.

  • Lisa Lasher, Service Advisor
    (405) 728-2411

    I originally grew up in southern California, moved to Iowa with my sister and eventually moved to Oklahoma City with my husband due to his career.


    I have been in the automotive service repair business since 1998. I love my job and take pride in coming to work and rarely ever miss work due to illness.  I pride myself in being dependable to my employer and to my customers.  I try hard to earn the respect on my customers and put the personal touch in my relations with them.  I like to know a little about their job, likes, family, etc.  I think it's important to get the know them.  It makes them feel special - which they are to us!


    My hobbies include riding my bike and eater arobics.   I enjoy being active with my Church and children. 

  • Katie Franklin, Quick Lane Service Advisor
    (405) 728-24711

    I enjoy the automotive repair business and working with customers.  I've always prided myself in being professional and helpful to all my customers. 


    Aside from work, I enjoy hanging out at the house and reading a good book.

  • Samuel Camacho, Quick Lane Service Advisor
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm from San Antonio and recently moved to Oklahoma attend college and play baseball. 

    I began my automotive service career in early 2017.  My passion began while working in my family business where I obtained my base knowledge through training and passion for helping customers.  I pride myself as being "level headed" and having a knack for creating great customer relationships. 

    Aside from work, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family and church.  I'm an avid sports fan and enjoy attending any type of sports event.   

  • Mike Rogers, Parts Manager
    (405) 728-2411

  • Bobby Durham, Collision Center Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I was born in West Virginia but have lived in Oklahoma City most of my life. I consider myself an "Okie". 

    I have been in the automotive repair business since 1978 and am still learning new things every day. It pleases me to hear a customer say that their repaired vehicle looks like it did the day they purchased it. Pride in our work means everything in our business. 

    When I'm not at work, you'll find me in my garage messing around or out riding my motorcycle or in the yard.

  • Aaron Little, Body Shop Estimator
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm from Bethany, OK and have lived in Oklahoma all my life.


    I enjoy working on things and have worked on everything from an M1 tank to the cars I've owned.  My passion is what drove me to the collision adjusting profession back in 2010.  I enjoy working with both customers and insurance companies.  Every day is different and I am always learning.  I'm a team player! 


    Aside from work, I enjoy working on cars in my garage - preferable one of my Mustangs.   

  • Raymond "Ray" Ross, Body Shop Estimator
    (405) 728-2411

  • Jay Carter, Rental Manager
    (405) 364-2371

  • Larry Green, General Sales Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I grew up in Perry, OK and lived in Alva, Midwest City and now reside in Mustang. 

    I've been in automotive sales since 1981 and have thoroughly enjoyed working with customers on their transportation needs. I've met many customers who have become close friends of mine over the years. 

    Aside from work, I'm very involved with my family and grandchildren. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and off-road cruising on my ATV.

  • Dennis Self, Used Car Sales Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Morristown, New Jersey.  Upon graduation from high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp where I proudly serviced my country.  Semper Fi!

    After serving in the Corp, I began my automotive retail sales career….. back in 1996.  In addition to working with Ford and Lincoln products, I have experience in Mercedes Benz.  I enjoy retail sales, especially being involved with customer relations.  I get great pleasure assisting customers and training our sales consultant team.  I'm very passionate about cars, cars, cars!

    Aside from work, my family is my main priority.  I enjoy doing everything with them, no matter what it might be.  

  • Jerry Stanley, New Car Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Amarillo, TX where I was born and raised.  I moved from there because they don't have the OKC Thunder or the Sooners, or as many golf courses, or water, or trees.... :)


    I began my automotive career in 1975  I began as a lot porter and worked my way up.  I have extensive expertise in sales, finance and sales management.  I try every day to make those around me smile and to help them find joy in whatever they are doing.  To bring a positive attitude to work.  As a rule, that is what people remember me for.


    I'm very passionate about my wife, my daughters, my pets and my fantasy baseball and football teams.  I also tell people that ask that I have the best job I've ever had.  I love what I do!


    When not at work you'll find me spending time with my wife or kids.  We love to drive together.  No T.V., no computers.... just us talking and laughing.

  • Mike Parks, Used Sales Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I grew up in Oklahoma City and am so excited to see all the changes that the city is going through.

    I have been in the automotive industry since 1995. Besides sales, I have help numerous management positions and am presently the General Manager overseeing the entire dealership operations.

    I pride myself in being a "man of my word" and will take whatever action is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. I love the business. Every day and every customer brings about new and challenging opportunities.

    I'm proud to announce that I was in the Marine Corp previously. I am very passionate about the Corp and OSU athletics.

    In my spare time I enjoy golf and spending time with my lovely wife, friends and family.

  • Brian Burris, Commercial & Fleet Sales
    (405) 728-2411

    My hometown is Oklahoma City. I was born and raised right here.

    I began my career in automotive fleet sales in 2000. In my career thus far, I have gained very valuable knowledge working with my commercial customers. I take pride in providing the level of customer service that is second to none.

    As is the case with everyone else, I'm very passionate about my family. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with them when I'm not at work.

  • Ron McFee, Commercial and Fleet Sales
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from the beautiful town of Stroud, OK.

    I began my automotive sales career back in 1994.  I've worked in sales, finance and management in my career so for.  I have personal expertise in commercial/fleet sales and pride myself in the ability to assist business and fleet customers in their vehicle needs. 

    Aside from work, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family.

  • Bodie Turner, Commercial Sales
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Perkins, OK and have now lived in Mustang/OKC for the past 20 years. 

    I pride myself in building relations with customers and enjoy seeing them come back specifically to do business with me because of the pleasant experience they had. 

    Aside from work, I enjoy the great outdoors - hunting, fishing and 4-wheeling. I'm pretty good on the BBQ and make a mean chili!

  • Adam "AJ" Merchant, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I grew up in Tulsa, OK and moved at a very early age with my family to Oklahoma City. 

    I started in auto sales in 2010.  I chose this field because it allowed me to be able to have some freedom in my job and interact with customers on a daily basis.  I enjoy helping in the emotional buying experience as well as making a friend/customer for life.

    I've always had a passion for the modern day "performance/muscle" cars.  My hobbies are all centered around automobiles.  I enjoy the speciality ones, new models on the road and the classics.   I enjoy reading, watching t.v. and attending the area car shows.  

  • Alan Coffee, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I originally from Harden City, OK which is just south of Ada. 

    I've been in sales since 2012 but in the "people business" all my adult life.  I began my sales career selling Harley-Davidsons and moved over to auto sales in the spring of 2015.  Harleys and Fords are my favorite two products. I enjoy helping customers shop for a vehicle and try to provide them all the product knowledge I can so they can make the decision that is right for them.

    Aside from work, my passion is taking care of my family, riding my Harley and working on my Bronco and Jeep.

  • Ash Patel, Internet Sales
    (405) 728-2411

  • Betty Taylor, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Buffalo, NY. 


    I've been in the automotive business since early 2013.  I pride myself on being compassionate, not pushy and caring about people and their situations. 


    When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending my free time in a park, meditating and reading spiritual books or the Bible.  I also enjoy my Church, Bible Study, and associated activities.  I also like shopping at the mall for bargains.

  • Emma Machesic, Business Manager
    (405) 728-2411

  • Frank Bishop, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN and moved early on to Oklahoma.

    My automotive retail experience began in mid-2016.  Prior to that I did light service work for eight years.  I enjoy vehicles of all brands and grew up with a passion for cars.  I'm dedicated to assisting customers and pride myself on being their "go-to guy".

    I'm very family oriented and try to spend as much time as possible with them.  We have a pool that we all enjoy centering family activities around - swimming, outdoor dining-grilling, etc.  I also like outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. 

  • Jo Hong, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Korea where I was born and spent my early years.  I moved to Oklahoma City with my family where I grew up and then met my wife, married and am now raising a family.


    I started in automotive sales in 2004.  I enjoy interacting with customers and assisting them on finding the vehicle that fits their needs and budget.  I pride myself on delivering quality customer service.  I have high customer referrals from my loyal customers. 


    When not at work, I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife and children.

  • Jordan Lee, Internet Sales
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm proud to say that I was born and raised in the Great State of Oklahoma!


    I've been in the automotive business since 2011.  The greatest thing I love about my job is meeting new people and making long lasting relationships with my customers.   


    I have a great sense of humor, like a good joke/prank and can get along with anyone.


    In my spare time I enjoy playing pool with my friends after a great sermon at Life Church TV.  I love my Church, love to socialize and love to play pool.

  • Ryan Chase, Sales Consultant
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm been in Oklahoma City since 2016 after moving from Tulsa where I was born and raised.


    Prior to joining Reynolds Ford of OKC in the spring of 2018, I worked in sales in the telecommunication industry for 9 years.   I'm known for being the guy that can be counted on.  If I don't have all the answers, I'll work diligently at finding one.  I pride myself on being a good listener and working to ensure you get the professional service you expect and deserve.  I take pride when my customers leave with a smile, knowing they can refer me to their friends and family with confidence.


    Aside from my profession, I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family.  I also enjoy fishing and catching a good movie with my kids. 

  • Vince Gunter, Internet Sales
    (405) 728-2411

    I've been in the Oklahoma City area for over 20 years and really enjoy the community and all the things the metro area has to offer.

    I began my automotive sales career in 2013 and enjoy assisting customers in their shopping experience.  I take pride in my professionalism and product knowledge.

    Aside from work, I enjoy the outdoors as well as hunting.

  • Joe Swart, Business Processes
    (405) 728-2411

    I was born in Germany and moved to the states at age 3. I grew up in Texas and moved to Oklahoma City for career advancement. I'm retired from Ford Motor Credit Company and joined Reynolds Ford in 2004. 

    I love the automotive business and the excitement on a customer's face when they drive off in their new vehicle. 

    When I'm not at work you'll find me up at our wheat and cattle farm. I like the farm environment and the outdoors. I like to hunt, fish, BBQ and entertain family and friends.

  • Kyle Davis, Business Manager
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm from Arkansas and left when I entered the US Army. 

    I began my automotive retail sales career in early 2017.  I'm very comfortable meeting new people and thought that along with this and my ability to easily connect with customers, sales is where I wanted to pursue a career. 

    I'm very family oriented and try to spend as much quality time with them as I can.  In addition, I'm a huge soccer fan and like watching as well as playing.  

  • Matthew Hill, Finance Director
    (405) 728-2411

    I'm originally from Winston-Salem NC and moved to Oklahoma City because of greater job opportunities.


    I began my automotive retail sales career over 10 years ago and spent the past 5 years in Sales Management and Finance.  I take pride in helping people and believe in my job and the products I present to customers.  They know I have a genuine interest in helping them make an appropriate/affordable decision.  I'm driven to succeed and want to be the best at my career.  I'm a team player!


    My passion is my wife and 3 beautiful daughters and I enjoy all the time I get to spend with them.       

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